leather trouser for men manufacturer in India

Cocoon Fashion Product

Design and Product Innovation, Fabric + Trim Research and Sourcing, Technical and Quality Services., Compliance and CSR Management, Quality Control and Inspections, Shipping and logistics Management, Merchandising and Sourcing, Quick to Market – Speedy Fashion...

Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton Products "Buying Organic Clothing is a wise decision"... Think Organic!
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Soft Goods "A comfort zone is a beautiful place"... "It feels like heaven".
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Leather "Make your Own "Style Statement" with leather"...
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Fusion India Apparel
Apparel "Cocoon Is what you buy... Style Is What You do with it".
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Fusion India sports
Sports, Active & Yoga wear My fitness secret mantra is "that i workout hard"...
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Sustainable Products
Sustainable Products "We do this for the generation that is coming behind us".. "Save the Planet Earth"
Recycled Polyesters
Recycled Polyesters "Recycling turns things into other thing... which is like"Magic"...
Fashion Accessories
Accessories Accessories are like vitamins to fashion - as such you should use them liberally"...